Primary Sources

“Oh, Little Falcon,” Už Laisvę, Tėvynę ir Tave.

This is a song from the CD, “Už Laisvę, Tėvynę ir Tave,” which was produced by several major Lithuanian museums. The CD is a compilation of songs created by Lithuanian partisans fighting the Soviets. This song describes a young man fighting for his country and for his deceased relatives.

“Castles and Fortresses in Lithuania,”

This photograph shows a forest bunker created by anti-Soviet partisans in Lithuania. On the left-hand side of the photo is a lookout post where men could scout for Soviets.

Captain Olavi Punga, “Estonia’s Forest Brothers in 1941: Goals, Capabilities, and Outcomes,” globalECCO.

The two photos pictured above are of several young Estonian Forest Brothers. These men faced arrest or execution if they were caught by Soviet officials, who made owning a personal weapon illegal.